Benefits of air duct cleaning by ServiceMaster Clean include:

  • Reduced potential for mold growth

  • Extended HVAC equipment life

  • A healthier environment for allergy sufferers

  • Removal of unpleasant odors

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have found that indoor air may be two to five times—and occasionally more than 100 times—more polluted than outdoor air.
Indoor air pollutants can cause health problems. Considering that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors, improving indoor air quality is vital.*

One way to improve a home’s indoor air quality is to have the air ducts cleaned.

Indoor air pollutants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated an average of 5 to 7 times per day. Over time, this recirculation causes a build-up of pollutants in the duct work.**

In addition to improving air quality, air duct cleaning also results in energy savings. Pollutants collect and clog the heat exchanger, evaporation coil and duct in the HVAC system making it work harder to heat and cool the home. Removing pollutants allows the HVAC system to work more efficiently.


Our powerful vacuum system will first be connected to the air duct near the furnace. Commercial grade products and equipment will then be used to dislodge the contaminants and debris in the air ducts. The powerful vacuum will then pull the contaminants out of the ducts and through the filtration system, returning clean air back into the home. Once the system is cleaned, all access holes are resealed, returning the duct system to a like new, clean condition. Cleansing verification will be done immediately after the HVAC system cleaning process has been performed.


The cost of the service varies and depends on factors such as where you live, how dirty your system is, how easy it is for the contractor to access the ducts and what your ducts are made of, and what material is used in the construction of the ducts. However, our

The amount of time it takes to clean a Residential HVAC system can vary depending on the complexity of the system. Once a skilled and trained technician arrives, they should be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take.  For standard purposes, we ask for at least 3-5 hours to get the job done right and to your satisfaction.


Your professionals at ServiceMaster Clean can schedule a time that is most convenient for your family and most of the household is not present. Depending on the magnitude of the job, we should have your house back in normal operation in a matter of a few hours.

Most homes require air duct cleaning every three to five years.  Customers who fall in the following conditions should consider more frequent cleaning of their duct systems:

  • Pets that shed a lot
  • Recent water damage
  • Home remodeling or improvements taking place
  • Residents with asthma or allergens
  • Humid or moist environmental conditions
  • For safety, the technician should be shown where the fire extinguisher and first aid kit is located.  It is best to provide them with any emergency contact information.
  • Duct cleaning can be noisy. It is best to do it when most family members are not present.
  • Clear work areas. Ask your technician how much space is needed around each air vent register and how much space they will need around the furnace and air conditioner.  It is best to have these areas cleared beforehand.
  • Prior to cleaning, perform a walkthrough of your home to go over where protective coverings such as drop and corner guards will be placed.  Also it is necessary to go over the HVAC, how it will be cleaned, and the accessibility of it.
  • Reduces energy costs in your home
  • Reduces the potential for mold growth, bacteria, allergens, dirt and debris
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Increases air circulation and flow
  • Increases your home system performance
  • Lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system

To help maintain clean air ducts, change air filters based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular vacuuming will also help reduce pet dander and airborne dirt and debris. Consider getting your carpets and hard-surface floors professionally cleaned. Call your local ServiceMaster Clean for more information.